Saturday, September 7, 2013

Film Versions and Best Sources: A comprehensive list

Any fan of the Star Trek film series knows about the various recuts across various formats. Here, for the OCD Star Trek fans (don't be ashamed to admit it), here is a list of the officially released recuts, and what sources are best for your personal enjoyment.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture -
1979 Theatrical Cut
Best Source - 2009 Blu-Ray &/or HDTV broadcast version.

Bonus - Widescreen Laserdisc for theatrical sound mix

1983 Television Cut
Best Original Broadcast Source - 1983 Laserdisc

Best(Only) Widescreen Source - FanFiltiration Restored Version

2001 Director's Cut
Best Source - 2001 DVD

Star Trek The Wrath of Khan -
1982 Theatrical Cut
Best Source - HDTV broadcast and/or 2009 Blu-Ray

1984 Television Cut
Best Source - Torrents can be found easily

2001 Director's Cut
Best Source - 2001 DVD or iTunes download.

Star Trek III The Search for Spock -
No major changes known, go with the blu ray.

Star Trek IV The Voyage Home -
International Cut - Certain international DVD's and VHS's.

US Theatrical Cut - Blu-Ray or HDTV version.

Star Trek V The Final Frontier - 
No known changes - go with the Blu-Ray.

Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country - 
1991 Theatrical Cut - Blu Ray

1992 Home Video Version - 1999 single disc DVD

2001 Revised Cut - 2001 DVD

Star Trek Generations - 
 Blu-Ray - No changes known

Star Trek First Contact - 
Blu-Ray - No changes known

Star Trek Insurrection - 
Blu Ray - No changes known

Star Trek Nemesis -
Blu-Ray - No changes known,

Happy hunting, my friends.

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