Saturday, September 7, 2013

Unreleased Film Versions

The Star Trek movies have been very interesting in terms of recuts and scenes that still remain unreleased by Paramount. Keep in mind, these just pertain to the films. I will undoubtedly make another post containing unreleased items pertaining to the series.

Star Trek The Motion Picutre - 
1979 Workrpint
Contains many different effects shots and tons of deleted scenes. No leak as of yet.

70mm Version
Many scenes from the 1983 television. Mentioned once from user FanFiltiration.

Star Trek The Wrath of Khan - 
1982 Workrpint
Black and white preview cut, many, MANY, alternate or deleted scenes. Abruptly cuts off right when Spock leaves for engine room. Mentioned many a time by user Grant.

70mm Version
Title card lacks the II in the title. 1 photo exists.

Star Trek III The Search for Spock -
1980's TV version
Cuts off a great deal of the opening to fit in a time slot.

Star Trek IV The Voyage Home - 
1986 Workprint
Many unfinished effects shots

Star Trek V The Final Frontier - 
1990's TV Version
Cuts off most of the cat-lady and camping scenes

Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country - 
No known alternate unreleased version

Star Trek Generations - 
1994 Workprint
Over 30 minutes longer than the theatrical version. Downloads can be found easily

1994 Preview Cut
Shorter, but contains the original ending, with almost fully completed effects. Lots of temp music.

Star Trek First Contact -
UK Theatrical Cut
Two extra scenes not seen anywhere else.

Star Trek Insurrection - 
Workprints rumored to exist, never confirmed

Star Trek Nemesis - 
Again, rumored workrpint. No confirmation

Well, that was healthy. Talk to you later.

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